Our Homemakers

A home well managed, is all credit to the homemaker who nurtures it, with utmost care and consideration. Every thought invested in a Disha Habitat home, comes from a place of much the same sincerity and compassion. Come along, meet the homemakers.

Gunaranjan J

“Let’s meet for coffee.” If you know Guna, this invitation could only mean one of two things. Either you have in some way indicated that an explanation is owed for some action by him or someone in the organisation, which he has taken upon himself to address. And he will do so at the earliest given opportunity. In which case, you will go back as knowledgeable as him or any engineer, architect, site supervisor, electrician, plumber, or any professional who is best equipped to deal with the matter at hand.

Or you have inadvertently inspired the man to own up to any redressal you may have voiced. And he’s here to offer a solution. In either case… run! Or before you realise it you would have become a part of the ever-growing Guna clan. Starting from Bhargavi, Guna’s wife and his strongest pillar of support, to everyone who has ever partaken of the said ‘cup-of-coffee/ tea’, each one will fondly testify in favour of Guna’s relentless efforts in creating a better-informed world of home buyers. He is so passionately involved with the smallest details of every Disha Habitat project, that the involvement is contagious. The lines between information and knowledge that is elemental to financially and emotionally investing in a piece of property, blur within the first few minutes spent with him. He brings a unique kind of familiarity and warmth into every human interaction.

Apart from being an all-heart real estate developer, Guna is also a thoroughbred practising horticulturist. You are sure to discover elements of this passion in every Disha Habitat venture. Yet, before answering to his true calling of creating mindful homes, Guna has been guilty of being a software professional for a good decade and a half. ERP, SAP, Data Warehousing, Project Management, consulting for global businesses in the USA, he’s guilty of it all. Rest assured though, for if you accept that invitation for coffee/ tea, you will forgive him these minor detours.

Let’s start from the beginning and break it down piece by piece. If nothing else, at least we have clarity on how we arrived here. It’s a lesson learnt for today, that can be used for tomorrow.
Whatever you do, give it a hundred percent. Even if it’s something you have never tried before. Being half or only partially involved, can only ever fetch you half the results.

K Raja Sekhar

At first glance, Raja comes across as a reserved gentleman who keeps to himself and converses very sparingly. This perception of him though will only last until one makes any reference to the subject he is most dedicated to and completely immersed in: ‘What does it mean to create a mindful living space?’ 

For most of us ‘precision’ is a term that is probably academic and dry even. In Raja’s world it is an act as natural as breathing. When he speaks plainly of structural intricacies, one is able to set aside the haze of complexities that one is accustomed to and come around to appreciating the simple math of it. He brings such a sense of calm compassion to a conversation that the listener is instantly assured of a sense of trust. This ability of his comes from once being on the other side of the fence himself. His first-hand experience with structural planning was entirely about unlearning everything he knew. Then having to relearn every aspect of it through rigorous self-instruction. Ask him and he will tell you that he is still learning.

There’s something more that Raja often says, a quality that is second nature to him. Whatever you do, give it a hundred percent of yourself. Even if it’s something you have never tried before. Being half or only partially involved, can only ever fetch you half the results. You can never experience the full potential of it. And this is the story behind his journey towards building honest and intricately thought-through living spaces. Infusing it with total dedication and deliberation.

From a time when he was providing mobile tower infrastructure services to telecom giants like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, and taking on total turn-key projects like civil, electrical, tower erecting, DG commissioning, to his long association with HCL Technologies; Raja has come a long way from his humble home. Every brick laid down at a Disha Habitat living space, now speaks for the same brand of humility and perseverance.