our Journey

We began our journey from exactly where you are right now. Looking for a house that would become a home.

We realised what it was to keep promises and meet expectations. We learnt all of it coming from a place of not knowing. Every stumble opened a new window of understanding. From being prospective home buyers, to investing in a home, to taking the plunge into realty and becoming developers and builders, it has been the most fulfilling learning curve.

That humble beginning was in the year 2014. It’s been quite a journey since. Four properties built in record time and sold out. A growing community of 800 proud homeowners. We are one big family now. Close-knit and mindfully conscious.

Thank you for looking us up. You will find a home with us. And if it isn’t time for that big step yet, you may find glimpses of your future home.

come home

OUR Core

Life is colourful. With every hue open to its own interpretation.

Your turmeric yellow could be someone’s mustard, their sea-green could be your teal.

You both could be right; you both could also be completely off the mark.

Then there’s Black. And there’s White. Black is never to be doubted. White is invariably spotless.

Both definitive. Both unrelenting.

We are Disha Habitat. We have no coloured cover-ups. Our promises are inked in Black. Our approach is clear White.

come home

Bring in your own colours.